25 years experience capturing images from around the globe.


  • Director/Cinematographer and Editor of international television show.

  • Setup, lit and conducted thousands of interviews & testimonials, both formal and informal.

  • Cameraman for national concerts.

  • Captured aerial shots from microlight aircraft, helicopters, biplanes and even while upside-down in stunt planes.

  • FAA certified drone pilot.

  • Filmed in extreme weather conditions at negative 5 degrees in Wisconsin atop skyscrapers, stadium roof & smokestacks, to dusty conditions and 115 degree temperatures in Africa.

  • Filmed from physically challenging platforms such as arena catwalks, construction lifts, repelling from cliffs, and rough seas in the Mediterranean Ocean.

  • Filmed live surgeries in operating rooms.

  • Extensive experience with a variety of cameras including studio configurations, modern 4K cams, large-chip cinema cameras, action-cams and everything in-between.

  • Experienced in working solo, as well as a team member with directors, producers, camera crews, etc.

  • Setup and ran audio from lav to shotgun microphones.

  • Setup and ran on-camera teleprompter.

  • Software experience includes all versions of Adobe Premiere, Red Giant Looks, Universe, Knoll Light Factory.