Drone shots. That don’t look like drone shots.

We’ve all seen productions that include drone shots because someone thought it would look cool. They often include ugly roofs and jerky images. Instead, great areal images are just like any other great image - they require planning, timing, and the right light. We feel a drone shot should be “transparent” - a shot that does not draw attention to itself.

This clip features only drone images, that have been used to tell many stories.

Pilot: Darrell Boeck, many scenes directed by Jimmy Sammarco

Since 2013, I’ve been capturing aerial images professionally for Fortune 100 companies, broadcast television, and even a feature film. Some of the above scenes were quite easy to capture and can therefore be inexpensive. Others took many days, arriving before sunrise, and hoping that day would bring a nice morning glow.


I’m licensed and experienced working with the FAA for authorizations to film in unique areas. Of course, I’m insured and would be happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.